Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saudi Arabia: Who is Keeping Your Passport?

One of my in-laws came to spend a few days with us before travelling home to spend the long holiday with his family. The funniest thing about the whole show was that, he has to travel in about a week, but he didn't have his passport yet. He was waiting for one of the company administrators to ship his passport to him so that he could travel. His cousin also had a similar problem. His passport was shipped to another province, hundreds of miles away from the city where his flight was booked, so he had to make his company send his passport to his present city instead.

Wait a minute! Isn't there an international law that says the bearer of a passport has the right to keep it? I can see a line in my passport which says that the passport is strictly for personal use and it must not be loaned or sent by post. What are these passports that keep on transiting in Saudi Arabia?

Do most non-Saudi employees even know that their employers are not supposed to keep their passports? And what about these employers? What do they benefit when they keep their employees' passports or what do they have to lose if their employees keep their passports? An article recently published in Arab News, rightfully said employers were keeping their employees' passport illegally. We all hope that something is going to be done about this unfair treatment one day.

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