Monday, July 25, 2011

Goodbye Saudi Arabia

We all have a reason why we are here in Saudi Arabia. Did you come to look for better opportunities? Are you here because you are an adventurer? Did you come here for religious reasons? I could continue because there are a million reasons why people leave their home countries to work or live abroad.

Whatever be the reason behind your decision to come to Saudi Arabia, you wouldn't want to leave unprepared. Unfortunately, it is sooo easy to say 'Goodbye Saudi Arabia'. At this very moment, a few expats are preparing to go home unexpectedly. They didn't commit any crime. On the contrary, they were hardworking employees who were looking forward to going home for the holidays, then come back to Saudi to continue their duties. They were buying presents which they were planning to take back home to please their family members. While they were shopping, they didn't have the slightest hint that some HR guy was busy preparing a letter to announce the termination of their contracts. Just a click and there went the mail!

This was really bad news and it was one that was hard to accept. How will these expats announce this to their loved ones who are relying on them financially? How is life going to be like starting all over again when jobs don't come easy these days, even for nationals? 

It takes just a little to get you walking through that door. It might come unexpectedly and one thing I have learnt in this country is to hope for the best, prepare for the worst and accept the path that is reserved for you by God. My situation is not any better. I might be leaving unexpectedly in less than 2 weeks. May God help us.


  1. Ohhh ! Bad News...
    We are sailors of same boat...!!
    Mine also same case...

  2. Every thing is for Good,
    Don't worry. It'll be fine..
    Take Care , Kashif..

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this sis. I will miss your posts. May Allah make things easy on your and your family and rectify your affairs ameen.

  4. Thanks! Insha'Allah, I have made up my mind to accept whatever lies ahead.

    Yaa Tara, I will create another blog if I have to relocate, insha'Allah. ;-)

  5. Its a touching post...
    I put myself into those ppl's shoes... Wallahi... Its damn hard to imagine.... Despite of the fact that expats do a lot to this country i still dont understand why v r all bn screwed every now n thn....

    May Allah fix your future sister... also to all those whose lives n livelihoods are endangered...


  6. Thanks Najim. I hope that this week we will be able to finalise everything, insha'Allah.



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