Sunday, May 15, 2011

English Language Institutes in Jeddah-Part 1

The need to learn the English language is fast increasing in Saudi Arabia and in other non-native English-speaking countries. The Kingdom has seen many language institutes sprouting in its main cities during the past decade.

Given that private English language instructors demand very high fees, and in addition do not provide a certificate at the end of the training, many students prefer to take lessons at these institutes. 

Below is a list of some popular English language institutes in Jeddah: 

British Council

Location: East Tower
              Waly Ahad Centre
              Farsi Building
              King Abdullah Street
Telephone: +966 (2) 657 6200

Women's Centre
Location: West Tower
              Farsi Centre
              King Abdullah Street
Telephone: +966 (2) 657 6200

The Oxford English Academy

Location: Obeikan Center
              Amir Sultan Street

Male Section
Telephone: +966 (2) 692 7334
                 +966 (2) 692 7225
Fax: +966 (2) 692 5664

Female Section:
Telephone: +966 (2) 662 6698
                +966 (2) 662 7066
Fax: +966 (2) 662 5773

Horizon Institute for Languages

Location: Al Safa District
              Opposite Aziz Mall
Telephone: +966 (2) 677 6742
                 +966 (5) 0731 5280


Men's Centre
Location: Al-Rowdah Street
              Elegant home building
Telephone: +966 (2) 263 1650
Fax: +966 (2) 263 1651

Ladies' Centre
Location: Al-Rowdah Street
              Costello Centre
Telephone: +966 (2) 668 8815
Fax: +966 (2) 668 1815

Wall Street Institute

Location 1: Rawdah
Telephone: +966 (2) 664 2131
Location 2: Andalus
Telephone: +966 (2) 652 3200

Female Centre
Location: Rawdah
Telephone: +966 (2) 652 3200

Al Zouman English Institute

Location: Falasteen Street
              Opposite Soliman Fakeeh Hospital
Telephone: +966 (2) 663 3108

Al-Basateen Institute for Learning English Language

Location: Al Shola Commercial Centre
              Medina Road

Kawader Altanmiah Institute

Location: Sholay Centre
Telephone: +966 (2) 663 3108

NB: This is not an exhaustive list and I have the intention of providing more after thorough research. If you know an institute that is not listed here, you can mail me to my address:
The information provided here is subject to change, and I promise to update the information when and where necessary, insha'Allah.


  1. very helpful thanks for uploading

  2. Best...

  3. You are welcome, Reeha, and thanks for visiting.
    I see you are back, Kashif. Nice to hear from you again.

  4. I have been wondering if there are any institutes that focus on certain aspects/have intensive courses? I've been looking unsuccessfully for a course that focuses on writing/academic English...Thanks (in jeddah that is)

    1. Dear,
      I am a qualified person who can teach English as natives. I teach English at H.T.I. in Egypt. If there is someone who want to learn can contact me. Mobile 0596177114

  5. Hello,

    I haven't heard of any either.

  6. Oh, well what about a private instructor? Or a course that focuses on toefl/ielts? I'm sorry for bothering you but I stumbled across your blog while trying to search for anything similar, thanks.

  7. I used to know an American lady who worked as an editor. Unfortunately, she is no longer giving lessons as a private instructor. Have you tried searching for online courses in academic writing? There are very few that are free.

  8. For experienced and certified English Language instructors in Jeddah please call 0561252385.

  9. any info on what it's like to work at King Abdulaziz Uni ???

  10. Could you please send me an email? I will forward a couple of contacts.

  11. I am a teacher of English at H.T.I. in Egypt. I am looking forward for persons who are interested in learning the language. Who cares about learning can contact me. Mobile 0596177114

  12. Thanks for information. One of my friends is living in Jedaah and seeking the best IELTS coaching center there. I got this blog so useful and will be sharing it with my friend. Thanks

  13. Aoa, i have come from Uk an d currently im looking forward to a student body keen on learning the British accent. also i write poems alot and if anyone wants to learn creative writing as well as british accent plz contact me on Phone no. 0597531255

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