Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Best Physicians in Jeddah

There are many health institutions within the Kingdom that offer varied services to patients. The quality of service which is offered differs from one health institution to the other; from horrible to excellent.

Despite the fact that medicine has become so commercial these days with many doctors being more interested in the quota they generate each time a patient presents himself at their clinic, some doctors however have not lost the sense of respect for human life. This percentage is unfortunately very small.

Physician rating is a subjective issue which can be influenced by many different factors. According to a study, ideal behaviours that identified the ideal physician are: confident, humane, empathetic, forthright, personal, respectful and thorough. However, each patient's or individual's perception of a good physician would differ and to some extent might be inappropriate.

I will present some hospitals which are reputed to have the best physicians in terms of specialties. I am not in any way influenced by a third party for whatsoever benefit. I do not discriminate against any particular group of people or hospital. The results presented here are based on patient satisfaction, and again this is a subjective matter.

Internal Medicine

Many patients have particularly appreciated the neurology and nephrology consultants. They are satisfied with the level of care and always have the feeling that their physicians are attentive to their health problems.

Many patients seem to be satisfied with the treatment they get here but however complain that it is difficult to get an appointment. 

-My Care Medical Centre
It is a small medical centre but the patients (Indians and Pakistanis especially) appreciate the senior internist in terms of patient care. In addition, the services are affordable for low-income earners.

Family Medicine:

The consultants and residents are very appreciated by their patients. The team is made up of well-trained Saudi physicians.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics:

Many claim they have gotten very good care, especially post-partum. In addition to the support of their physicians, patients appreciate the staff and particularly love the treats they get after discharge.

Patients report that the unit is very clean and the staff is competent. The only inconvenience is to get an appointment.



Opthalmology and Refractive Surgery:

Many appreciate their opthalmologists and eye surgeons even though they complain that the services offered are costly.



Patients appreciate the consultants and even seek them years after termination of their contracts. The hospital seems to have an ever-changing taste for the best rehab specialists and consultants.

There are other hospitals and clinics in the south of Jeddah that are reputed to have very good gynecologists/gbstetricians (Indians and Egyptians). Even though many patients and caretakers complain that these southern hospitals are usually crowded and not very clean, they do however comfirm that they have confidence in their healthcare providers, especially their treating physicians.

As I mentioned earlier, the information presented here is based on the satisfaction of some patients and their personal experiences at different health institutions within Jeddah. This list does not necessarily express my opinion nor reflect the current preferences of the inhabitants of Jeddah. There are certainly other hospitals within Jeddah that I believe would offer the same or almost the same standard of care.


  1. Nice Info !!!

  2. Thanks Kashif. I hope it is going to help a couple of people.

  3. Paediatrics
    Dr. Haris at Badruddin Shifa clinic Jeddah
    Dr. Kareemuddin at New Jeddah clinical Hospital Jeddah

    ENT & General Physician
    Dr. Nasser at Naseeem Jeddah Clinic, Azizia Jeddah

    1. Who is the best Gynecolost specialist doctor and hospital in Jeddah,

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    Very difficult question because the response is subjective. The obst-gynes, that I know of, who have a very good reputation include Dr. Aisha (works part-time at Soleman Fakeeh hospital) and Dr. Nabeel Bondaji (works at King Abdulaziz University Hospital).

  5. Hello Deprize,

    Who is the best Internal Medicine doctor in Jeddah?

    1. Oh, boy! This is such a difficult question to answer. There should be several and each person's definition of "best" certainly differs. I do have a few persons in mind, but with recent changes in Saudi cyber laws, I'm not sure whether I should publish their names here. You may PM me if you wish to continue this discussion.


  6. Who is the best in Internal Medicine??

  7. Mycare medical centre provides poor service.
    No doctor available in EMERGENCY Department at 5pm.
    Even EMERGENCY patient has to wait for a LONG time to consult a doctor.
    Worst management,rude staff.


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