Friday, June 3, 2011

Saudi Arabia: The Debate to Drive

June 17th is drawing closer as there are more speculations as to whether women still have plans to drive on that day or not. Besides risking being flogged by some of their male relatives, the Islamic Police would certainly not fail in making sure that women are kept off the streets on that day. 

We keep our fingers crossed as this issue becomes one of the hottest subjects of debate these days. See the video below that was posted a few days ago, addressing the issue of women driving in Saudi Arabia.

Amidst the rising debate on websites and locally, the speaker of the Shoura Council said on Thursday that they were ready to discuss the issue of women driving if they were asked to. Read more... There have been reports of an invitation sent before to discuss this issue, but it was cancelled. Is this new invitation from the speaker of the council himself a gateway to solving this problem in the Kingdom? We do not know yet and hope for a good outcome.

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