Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jeddah Reads Campaign

In Jeddah, children often start school without the spoken language they need to thrive in education. If ignored, this gap in achievement will continue beyond education and into adulthood. In addition, many young adults are not encouraged to read and hold book discussions. Do you know of any public library in Jeddah (excluding university libraries) that aims to get Jeddah youth reading and thriving?

Jeddah Reads campaign is striving to achieve this goal. They wish to promote reading habits and encourage young persons to read and discuss books. A long term goal of their campaign is to encourage cafes, coffee shops and other public environments to include books of various genres in their shops. Consequently, the public would be encouraged to read more and organize literature-related events in the future, etc. 

Before launching their campaign, Jeddah Reads found that while the population of Jeddah was interested in reading, Jeddah and Saudis in general were not very open to a reading environment. More over, bookstores are not up to the task of providing books of diverse genres.  

Because reading can change everything, visit Jeddah Reads on Facebook, like their page, and share the love of reading! You can also connect with Jeddah Reads on Twitter or follow them @jeddahreads on Instagram.

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