Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadan: Why Are Saudis so Badly in Need of Maids?

It was a couple of days before the beginning of Ramadan. I was at my hairdresser. Her phone kept on ringing and I was surprised that each time she looked at it she sighed and decided to ignore the call. This roused my curiosity and after her phone rang for the nth time, I decided to ask her why she wasn't answering her calls.

"These Saudi madams can be very boring at times," she replied. "They just keep calling every minute because they need a maid. I told them to wait until I get back to them when I find someone interested in the job." 

From what I understood, she was helping some Saudi ladies hire maids for their households. Most of them had maids, but needed one more to help with the work during the month of Ramadan. In their despair to get maids before the Ramadan, they were putting so much pressure on her.

Anyone who has been invited before by their Saudi friends to share iftar must have noticed the variety of dishes that are prepared. The dishes are appetising and the meal is usually served in courses. Even a chef would need a couple of hands to help him/her prepare the meals during this period.  

The one question that lingers in my mind is why these ladies need maids so badly during this period? Muslims in other countries celebrate Ramadan, and the housewives deal with the work during this period without having to hire extra hands. Do Saudi muslims celebrate in a particularly different way? 


  1. Asalamu Alaikum, I've been to fatur at Saudi households and they do make a lot of food and special dishes at that. This month is supposed to be spent in solidarity with the poor around the world and feel the hunger they go through. I think it has become a cultural habit and far from the advice of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Much of that food can't be eaten is thrown away. Such wastage! It should be eaten as leftovers for sahur or given to the poor.

  2. Asalam alaykum yaa Tara. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. It is a pity that while some people are throwing food away, others would give anything just to have a portion of it.

  3. Another reason I thought of is because they invite a lot of family and friends over to their homes so they probably want help with managing the house before the guests come and after they leave.

  4. ils sont aussi tellement fatigués le jour et dorment beaucoup car il est d'usage de rester éveillé toute la nuit jusqu'à al fajr durant le ramadan. du coup les femmes n'arrivent pas à tout préparer seules durant le ramadan. moi je pense qu'on peut tout faire si on s'organise bien en se reposant la nuit. mais chez les saoudiens s'ils dorment la nuit ils n'auront plus de vie sociale ( c'est ce que mes amies saoudiennes m'ont expliqué) car toute la famille reste réveillée il faut donc suivre le mouvement. mêmes les enfants ont la capacité de veiller tard. ils ont inversé le rythme physiologique diurne nocturne. que Dieu les aide.


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