Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jeddah: Treasure Island Eid Festival

While I was looking for something fun to do this weekend with my family, I fell across the advert below and couldn't help spreading the word.

Are you bored from same Eid routine in KSA? Having the same places to go with nothing new? Same traffic difficulties and rush. Great News!!!!! Its not going to happen this Eid because Our FESTIVAL will not let you be bored thats our promise.

Treasure Island festival. To be held on Durrat Al Uroos from 2nd day of Eid till 11th day of Eid. Tickets available now. Book your tickets as this event has limited tickets. Daily gifts and luckydraw with a treasure hunt. Special surprise gifts for first 50 passes. Jet ski, banana boat, desert bikes, Segmented Shopping Arcade and a night to remember with most of National and International Artists. Have the best day with your family and friends at the best ambiance imaginable. Contact 0563235353 to get your tickets.

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In the poster, the organizers stated that the activities will run from the 2nd to the 11th of Shawwal. This corresponds to July 29 to August 7, 2014. Hope it's not to let to grab a ticket. Have fun!

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