Monday, June 9, 2014

Saudi Arabia: Showcase your Photography Skills and Win an iPad Air

I can't remember where I saw Fresh Ice Sticks on display, but I can remember my son was like, "Oh Mummy! Buy me one! Buy me One!", to which his dad said "No". At that time, we thought they were just like every other ice sticks that you could find on the market. It wasn't until today when I learned about the contest they were launching that I decided to find out about Freshi Ice Sticks. From what I read in this post, I would like to give it a try. If you haven't tasted Freshi Ice Sticks yet, here is the chance to try it and may be get an additional reward: win an iPad Air.

So what is the Freshi Ice Sticks contest about?

Courtesy of Freshi Ice Sticks

It is a photography contest, which is open to everybody. Participants are invited to visit any of their shops, where they can take the best shot of themselves or their child holding an Ice Stick and get a chance to win iPad Air.

How can you participate in the contest and win?

1. Visit any Freshi Ice Sticks branch.
2. Buy your favorite Ice Stick.
3. Show your Photography skills and take the best shot.

  • Preferred: Picture of adult or kids holding the Ice Stick.
  • Picture of Ice Sticks.
  • Picture of display freezer.
  • Picture of their shop.
4. Send your picture to Freshi Facebook page: open until 30th June 2014.
5. A panel of judges will choose the top 10 photos.
6. Winnerrs will be officially announced on 5th July 2014.
7. Decision of Freshi Ice Sticks will be final.

You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

Please note that all submitted pictures will become a property of Freshi Ice Sticks and they have the right to use them in advertisements, either in the form of print media or digital ads.

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