Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jeddah: Taking the French Proficiency Test

Are you planning to take the TEF or Test d'Evaluation du Français? Have you searched far and wide for a tutor or the TEF practice book? You are not alone. Many candidates have faced similar problems when they were either looking for a tutor or the TEF practice book.

From the French Consulate, Jeddah.

There are a few tutors around town who charge up to 200 SAR per hour. You wouldn't pay that unless you don't understand anything in the French language and you really need to sit for the test. Another difficulty that some future candidates face is to buy the TEF practice book. Those who wish to practice on their own find that they cannot purchase the book at the big bookstores of Jeddah as they do not sell them, and most of the merchants who sell them on websites such as Amazon do not ship to Saudi Arabia. Fortunately for these candidates, the book is sold at a small bookstore called Bakshwain located at Sitteen Street (between Galnatha and Tahlia Street), contact number 026732417. Candidates can also contact the French Consulate in Jeddah for more information on where to take lessons or register for the test.


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