Saturday, April 30, 2011

My First Essay

I remember the very first essay that I wrote. I can't even recall how old I was at that time, but I do remember that we were asked to write about a childhood experience. I was so undecided about what to write as I had so many things to talk about. After a long reflection, I finally decided to write about a situation that always made me smile whenever I thought about it. This is how my essay looked like:

An Unforgettable Childhood Experience

Our childhood experiences are unique for every one of us. They are those that can leave a positive or negative mark on us and even affect the way we respond to people in the society in general.

I was the second child of 4; quiet but very mischievous. I used to do the weirdest things and later sit in my corner when I was scolded by my parents. On one Friday morning, I picked up my dad's identity card and for no good reason, I sat behind the sofa and tore it into pieces. To my greatest dismay, my dad caught me in the act and I got the beating of my life. To me, my dad's identity card was just another piece of well-cut paper with his photograph on it. Till this day, I still do not know why I had to hide behind the sofa to do what I did.

I was angry; yes, I was very angry with my parents for punishing me so badly because of that piece of paper. In protest, I refused to eat all day long. It was around 11 p.m when I started feeling that I could take it no more. I was so hungry that I could barely walk to the door of the bedroom. I headed straight for the kitchen and opened the only pot that I saw on the cooker. And lo! What happened? I dropped the lid of the pot and it broke the silence of the calm night. My parents sprang out of their bed and barged into the kitchen, each holding a club. They were relieved to find that it was me, for they thought that a thief had gotten into our home. To my greatest surprise, my parents did not shout at me. My mum served me some food and after I had emptied my plate, we all went to sleep.

Our childhood experiences could make us smile or make tears well up in our eyes. Whatever be the case, we could draw lessons from them. One thing that I learnt from this experience was to never sulk when I was corrected for a wrong deed.

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